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Deadly Sharks Heading to U.K. as Seas Warm Up

According to research by the University of Southampton, several species of deadly sharks could be heading to the U.K. Rising ocean temperatures are forcing a number of species to venture north for the first time. Currently, there are already 40 different species that live off the U.K. coast, which include an estimated 10 million small […]

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Secret to How Birds See Earth’s Magnetic Field Discovered
Tidal Energy Projects Proliferating Around the World
Samsung Claims Its New Flexible OLED Panel Is Unbreakable
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What’s All the Buzz About Pollinator Drones?

Pollinators, such as bees, are definitely in decline. And many foods we love to eat need bees for pollination. Could pollinator drones provide a practical solution or just a distraction from saving live pollinators? Bees and other pollinators carry the pollen, which sticks to their fuzzy bodies, from one flower to another. This is, of […]

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Scientists Develop an Aerosol Spray Loaded With Nanobots
Japanese Startup to Deliver Shooting Stars on Demand
Hackers Use Heat Traces Left On Keyboards to Steal Passwords
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