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A Project Titled “The International Flag of Planet Earth” Mocks Up a Planetary Flag For Earth as a Whole

Graphic designer Oskar Pernefeldt envisions a day where the USA is no longer racing to the moon in order to plant the American flag on its surface for all to see. With a myriad of ideas, technology, and space travel booming, Pernefeldt would like all the countries in the world to claim “The International Flag […]

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Old, Discarded MRI Magnets are Being Used in High-Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments
Meet the World’s First Fully Articulated, Five Digit Prosthetic Hand
Homemade Cannon-Like Contraption Has Built-In Electric Sparker to Create a Colorful Propane Rifle
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China is Opening a Horrifying 984-Foot-High Glass Bottom Bridge That Connects Two Massive Cliffs!

China is becoming more and more synonymous with architectural wonders. They continue to push the envelope, and the world continues to talk about what the Chinese are going to do next. The national park of Zhangjiajie in China’s Hunan province is doing something some might say is a bit crazy… That is, building a 1,247-foot-long, […]

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Oddly Enough, UK Lawyers are Furiously Working to Amend 180-Year-Old Laws That Could Delay Driverless Car Trials
London Design Festival to Feature Transmission Tower Called “Bullet From a Shooting Star”
The Polaris Slingshot: A Three-Wheeled Supercar Meant for Superheroes
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