Meet the World’s First Fully Articulated, Five Digit Prosthetic Hand

By: | May 23rd, 2015

It’s easy to take our eyes, hands or legs for granted. With Touch Bionics, people with prosthetics may soon be taking them for granted too. It is estimated there are close to 50,000 potential users in the US and 1.5 million worldwide.

Touch Bionics, a leader in Upper Limb Prosthetics (ULP), recently introduced “ProDigits”, the world’s first five finger bionic hand. ProDigits can be configured and customized for partial hands or missing fingers.

ProDigits “i-limb” has 36 different grip options allowing people to hold cameras, type on keyboards, move chess pieces on a chessboard, tie shoelaces, grip pages and flip through a magazine, and even write with a pen. The device is made from a laminated thermoplastic, and Bluetooth enabled controller boards inside the prosthesis allow wireless adjustment of fine motor skills.

Movement of the digits is accomplished via control signals from a “signal site” on the user’s hand, which he or she can┬ácontrol via muscle movements.

The prosthetic comes with “biosim” or biosimulation software so it can be customized to each individual user. The limbs also come in a range of coverings with high definition cosmesis to match the user’s natural skin color.

Touch Bionics offers a training program through its touch link academy and teaches clinicians how to fit patients. When a patient’s i-limb needs maintenance, the company provides courtesy prosthetics until a device has been serviced.

The following video shows the Touch Bionics story and its products.

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