Homemade Cannon-Like Contraption Has Built-In Electric Sparker to Create a Colorful Propane Rifle

By: | May 23rd, 2015


The YouTube channel The Backyard Scientist consistently puts up mind-blowing videos that keep subscribers and views flooding in.

The latest sensation from the channel is a homemade cannon-like contraption that looks like something from the future when it fires. By connecting a self-igniting propane torch to some tubes, then coloring the flame so that it shoots green when it blasts, a mind-bending weapon was created.

If you want to call it that… I prefer terms like cannon or my favorite, propane rifle, for the unique device.

The Backyard Scientist describes the colorful propane rifle below:

The torch is self-igniting, meaning it has an electric sparker built in. When the button is pressed halfway, the torch mixes a perfect combination of propane and air into the tube. When the button is fully pressed the torch sparks sending a flame flying through the tube. I tried to color the flame with some boric acid, and it turned bright green.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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