A Project Titled “The International Flag of Planet Earth” Mocks Up a Planetary Flag For Earth as a Whole

By: | May 22nd, 2015

Graphic designer Oskar Pernefeldt envisions a day where the USA is no longer racing to the moon in order to plant the American flag on its surface for all to see.

With a myriad of ideas, technology, and space travel booming, Pernefeldt would like all the countries in the world to claim “The International Flag of Planet Earth.”

That way, astronauts from all over the globe could plant flags on extraterrestrial bodies in the name of Earth, rather than the country that they come from.

If anything, it as an interesting prospect to think about…

Below, you can see exactly how Pernefeldt believes the logo/planetary flag could be used for space exploration, sporting events, and even at press conferences and in neighborhoods.

Interestingly enough, Pernefeldt designed a primarily blue flag to represent the overwhelming mass of water that covers Earth, not to mention how good it looks on white spacesuits.

“The rings are linked to each other, which represents how everything on our planet, directly or indirectly, are linked,” the project’s website says.

To me, it kind of looks like a simpler version of the Olympics logo, which I’m all for. Whenever we delve into interplanetary sporting events, I will probably sport my Earth colors and Earth planetary flag! In most sports, we could make some daunting all-star teams that would be forces to be reckoned with!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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