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Chinese Raffles City Sets The World Record For Highest Sky Bridge

China seems determined to rise more and more with its impressive engineering feats. China already has world’s second-tallest skyscraper and the highest bridge and now soon highest skybridge is going to add in this list. Named as “The Conservatory”, it will sit astride four 250 m (820 ft) high towers. With 300 m (984 ft) […]

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Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Looks Terrifying yet Amazing While Doing Parkour
Swedish Couple Built a Glass House around Home to Keep Warm and Grow Food
Scientists Plan Dimming the SUN to Stop Global Warming
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World’s Longest Sea Bridge Opens In China

The world’s longest sea bridge, which connects Hong Kong and Macau (the world’s largest gambling center) with mainland China, has been officially opened. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge spans 55km (34 miles). With this bridge, Chinese intend to create a global science and technology hub. Here are some of its features: This masterpiece is six lanes wide […]

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Bees Act Strange, Stop Buzzing During Total Solar Eclipse
‘Sun In A Box’: Molten Silicon To Store Renewable Energy
Now Running Shoes without Heels to Prevent Foot Injuries
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