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How US Energy Security is Changing the Geopolitical Map

US energy security could be the cornerstone of a significantly different foreign policy agenda for the United States and the world in coming decades. Perhaps the most important ally for the US, Japan, also has a big stake in improving its energy security through cooperation with the US and development of new technologies to make […]

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Charging Smartphones with Fire & Other Unusual Energy Sources
US Army Issues Warning About Energy Drinks
ARM Tiny Embedded Systems Miniaturizing Industries, Saving Energy
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Natural Gas Glut May End Soon

All of the new sources of natural gas, especially new fields discovered in the United States, have created a glut in the natural gas (LNG) marketplace. However, this might be short-lived. Not only is there a voracious appetite for natural gas worldwide, but suppliers have also gone outside of normal channels such as China’s giant […]

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Giant Flying Buttocks, The Airlander 10, Will Soon Take To The Skies Again!
Why Fake Wheels Are a Real Problem [Infographic]
FPV Feed From The 2017 Drone Racing League Season Is Utterly Insane
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