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Rolls-Royce Remote Control Cargo Fleet Launching in 2020

Autonomous Roboships & Cargo Fleets are the Future The maritime industry evolves and changes just like all other industries. We have seen aerial drones and driverless cars sending shockwaves through the shipping and automobile industries. Now another big change is expected in 2020 with the deployment of remote-controlled cargo fleets long on high technology and […]

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Robolink Modular Kit For Customizable Humanoid Robots and Low-Cost Automation
Storm Blows 17,000 Ton Oil Rig Ashore at the Beach of Dalmore in Scotland
Russian Hypersonic Stealth Bomber Can Launch Nuclear Bombs From Space
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Bionic Lens Provides Superhuman Vision at Any Age!

See Like the Terminator If it is true that whatever humans imagine can become reality, then perhaps Superman’s superhuman vision is attainable for each and every one of us. Scientists report that a small group of humans can already see “invisible colors” that the rest of us can’t perceive. But soon, it may become imperative […]

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Homemade Qu8K Rocket Climbs 121,000 Feet in 92 Seconds
Wind Tunnel Facilities for Amateurs and Pros
Scientists Transform Locusts Into Cyborg Bomb Detectors
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