Robolink Modular Kit For Customizable Humanoid Robots and Low-Cost Automation

By: | June 14th, 2016

First introduced a few years back, the Robolink D modular robotic kit from igus is built for cost-effective, customizable robotic systems.

Now, igus has expanded the capabilities of its Robolink modular kit by adding new plastic strain wave gearings, enabling 6-axis robotics at a lower price.

The new strain wave gearings come in two installation sizes, available as an individual component or with an integrated NEMA motor, consisting of an outer ring gear and flexible, wear-resistant inner ring gear made from self-lubricating, wear resistant iglide plastic.

“The strain wave gearing [offers] the advantage that is has minimal backlash, and ensures a precise adjustment with incredible smoothness,” explains Martin Raak, Product Manager for Robolink systems at igus GmbH.

With no order minimums, the Robolink system is perfect for industrial, low-cost automation, as it gives users the ability to assemble customized robotic systems for a wide range of applications, including humanoid robots.

Beyond the new 6-axis arm with strain wave gearing, separate joints, which are motor-driven directly on the axis, are also available in a myriad of installation sizes.

Take into account that universal gripper adaptors, along with a a new online configurator, motors, encoders, and cabling are also available, and you can see why more and more people are turning to the Robolink system to meet their customizable robotics needs.

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