Bionic Lens Provides Superhuman Vision at Any Age!

By: | August 13th, 2016

See Like the Terminator

If it is true that whatever humans imagine can become reality, then perhaps Superman’s superhuman vision is attainable for each and every one of us. Scientists report that a small group of humans can already see “invisible colors” that the rest of us can’t perceive.

But soon, it may become imperative that we all have superhuman vision as a matter of national security. Every American will need bionic lenses to “see something, say something.” Most of us can’t see past our noses and suddenly being able to see perfectly at long distances could give us the advantage we need to suss out potential threats.

Bionic Lenses for Superhuman Vision

IndustryTap has reported on an eight minute surgery that will give you superhuman vision. The new bionic lens boosts human sight to better than three times 20/20 vision. This new technology, currently in the testing stage, is called the Ocumetics Bionic Lens. And Samsung has filed a patent for contact lenses with an antenna, a camera, a tiny display, and sensors; the device is controlled by blinking.

To augment this new capability, Google is developing smart contact lenses with built-in cameras. So not only will we be able to “see something, say something,” but the images that raise red flags could be sent wirelessly from our contact lenses to the FBI or NSA for immediate analysis.

The following video shows how bionic eye implants are already helping people who have lost their vision to see.

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