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The Luxurious Kokomo Ailand is Part Yacht and Part Private Island

Well, here’s a billionaire toy if I’ve ever seen one. If something is so extravagant you don’t even know how to describe it, chance are you’re dealing with something pretty awesome. Part yacht, part private island, Kokomo Ailand is a floating, semi-submersed vessel that is about as luxurious as a yacht can get, if you […]

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GE Building Prefabricated & Prevalidated Portable Biologics Factories
On The Edge of Glory: The World’s Greenest Office Building
WASP: World’s Largest Open Source “Self Manufacturing” 3D House Printer
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NASA Assembling Orion Crew Module in Preparation for Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1)

In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant Boeotian hunter in pursuit of the Pleiades who was slain by Artemis and placed in the sky as a constellation. While the origin of the Orion spacecraft might have something to do with mythology, the real work of creating a space-worthy vehicle depends completely on science. One of […]

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Porsche Mission E Electric Car to Compete With Tesla Model S
African American Sorority Turns Rundown Portland Gas Station Into Community Center
Watch a Flat Tire Fix Itself Thanks to a Self-Healing Rubber From Germany
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