WASP: World’s Largest Open Source “Self Manufacturing” 3D House Printer

By: | October 7th, 2015

If the current refugee crisis in Europe tells us anything, it is that having the ability to quickly build quality housing is a necessity in coming decades when continued political and environmental issues may turn the current refugee drip into a flood.

Over the next 15 years, without considering potential refugee problems, the United Nations estimates that 4 billion of the planet’s inhabitants living in population intensive areas who earn a yearly income of below $3,000, will need a minimum of 100,000 new functional and sustainable housing units per year. In order to provide the best possible housing, a company known as WASP, or World’s Advanced Saving Project, has developed a new 39.37 foot (12m) 3D printer to help meet demand.

WASP Big Delta: A Housing Solution to Prevent Future Crises

IndustryTap reported on WASP in January 2015 as it began building futuristic 3D mud houses with a small 3D printer. WASP has just introduced a much larger version, the Big Delta, which it expects will help meet the demand for houses in the coming decades. The company expects to pump out huge volumes of cheap, affordable, and well-built houses.

Shaking Up the Construction Industry with “Self-Manufacturing”

By delivering sustainable houses more efficiently and cheaply, WASP will challenge current construction industry models with a new model referred to as the “maker economy or “self-manufacturing.”

WASP is similar to a project headed by Marcin Jakubowski, who has designed 50 Do-It-Yourself Open Source & Sustainable Industrial & Farming Machines, about which IndustryTap reported last year. While huge players like Caterpillar cater to mainstream businesses, smaller players are innovating from the bottom with simple, but effective technology, and giving hope to millions of people in need.

The following video shows Big Delta in action:

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