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Qualcomm Presented First WiFi 7 Capable Commercial Platforms

Qualcomm has debuted its first commercial platforms supporting the new WiFi 7 networking standard, opening a new chapter in the most widely used wireless internet protocol. By using the new family of Qualcomm products, consumers will enjoy broader bandwidth, higher speeds, wider communication channels, more intelligent adaptation systems, and effortless scalability. More specifically, according to […]

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Italian Startup iSpace2o Builds Hydrofoil Submersible
NASA’s X-59 QueSST, the Quiet Supersonic Aircraft on the Way to Its First Flight
Novel Type of Ultra Safe Nuclear Reactor To Be Built in Canada
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NVIDIA Helps Build World’s First Autonomous Lawnmower

NVIDIA is helping an American startup build the world’s first commercial autonomous lawnmower, named “Scythe”. The tool is a fully automated mower featuring eight HDR cameras for 360 vision, 12 ultrasonic sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, GPS, and wheel encoders, collectively giving it the capability to map and mow any field without human intervention or assistance. […]

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This Pilotless Solar-Powered Plane Could Stay In the Air for an Entire Year without Landing
Portugal Set To Start the Largest Floating Solar Park in Europe
First-Gen of Sodium-ion Battery Announced By Chinese LiFun
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