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This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase

Anyone who loves being out on the water probably has a dream of owning their own kayak one day. They’re an easy way to engage with nature, without having to tow a massive boat behind your car. An issue many people face when they realize their kayaking dreams is that they may not be able […]

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Bone-Like Metal Foam That Can Be ‘Healed’ At Room Temperature
New Device That Effectively Transforms CO2 into Liquid Fuel
Introducing PyroSlide™ 1100 – The Metal Bearing Solution for Extreme Temperatures
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People Can’t Get Enough of KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

KFC has joined the trend of offering “fake meat” products to the people, in the same way that “Impossible Burgers” and “Beyond Burger” have been doing during the past couple of years. For KFC, the food chain that marketed whole buckets of unhealthy, greasy, fattening stuff, this was a bold move that very few in […]

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Top Ten Cities that Foster the Higher Education Percentages
Intelligent Machines Can Lead To Human Extinction from Earth
What is Social Engineering?
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