This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase

By: | August 30th, 2019

Image Credit: ORU KAYAK

Anyone who loves being out on the water probably has a dream of owning their own kayak one day. They’re an easy way to engage with nature, without having to tow a massive boat behind your car.

An issue many people face when they realize their kayaking dreams is that they may not be able to transport it so easily. Kayaks have to be tied down to the top of your car, but without a rack on top, that’s difficult to do.

That’s where Oru Kayak can change everything. It was made by kayaking fans who wanted the experience to be easier for everyone involved. Read on to learn more about this folding kayak and how it can work in your kayaking adventures.

The Inspiration

Kayaking is a sport that almost everyone can participate in. Kayaks come in many different shapes and sizes, but nearly all of them are difficult to maneuver to your favorite kayaking spots.

The issue stems from the dense material that kayaks are made out of. While that material protects the kayak from scratching against the bottom of bodies of water and forming leaks, it makes for a clunky product.

In 2012, Oru Kayak decided that it was time for a change. The future of kayaks couldn’t wait any longer. They began designing a kayak that could work in place of their four-boat fleet, in order to liberate paddlers from the experience of driving around with a traditional kayak.

How It Works

There are five different versions of the foldable kayak available, but the Inlet is the newest model. It features an adjustable backrest and integrated floorboard, along with built-in footrests, accessory straps for oars and a carrying handle.

Integrated bow fairing will stop any tears from happening due to folding and unfolding. The Inlet can support 275 pounds and paddlers under 6’2″.

It still has a few months left before the Kickstarter campaign ends, but the first orders are estimated to ship in May 2020. Pledge larger donations to receive the Inlet along with things like the Inlet pack and paddles.

Don’t worry about having to replace the kayak after a few uses. It lasts as long or even longer than traditional kayaks, with a guaranteed lifetime of at least 20,000 folds.

Who Should Use It

Before anyone purchases a kayak, they should know what type they need. There are kayaks built for different bodies of water and experience levels, but the Inlet is easy to figure out.

At only 20 pounds, most paddlers will be able to handle it whether it’s folded or unfolded. It takes three to five minutes to set up and can be stored anywhere. That makes it easy for people with smaller cars and no garage access to use one of their own.

Beginners will love the Inlet kayak as much as the pros. Take it out on a spontaneous afternoon trip or store it with the luggage in the back of your car on a vacation. The Inlet can go anywhere you want to kayak, which is one of the many reasons why it’s a great investment for paddlers.

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