Top Ten Cities that Foster the Higher Education Percentages

By: | September 9th, 2019

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

  1. Ann Arbor – This relatively small US city of a population of only 120 thousand boasts a staggering percentage of 73% of its citizens being holders of a bachelors degree. 

  2. London – The capital of the UK has a 58.5% population holding a bachelor degree. It’s numerous educational institutes, colleges, and universities are acting as a magnet for foreign students, so more than half of everyone who lives there is educated.

  3. Washington – According to the last census, 56.6% of the Washington population are Bachelor degree holders, so it positions third in the list. 

  4. Oslo – Norway’s capital comes fourth with 54.3% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree, but if we accounted for the post-graduate percentages it would rank higher in the list. 

  5. Tel Aviv – Israel’s pride, Tel Aviv is where the Mediterranean’s tech and economic heartbeats. 53.2% of its population holds a bachelor degree. 

  6. San Francisco – Coming sixth, with a bachelor degree rate of 52.4%, San Francisco is a notable tech and education hub in the United States. 

  7. Zurich – Switzerland’s banking and finance center, Zurich is home to many bachelor degree holders, 51.6% of the population to be precise. 

  8. Helsinki – 51.4% is the percentage of bachelor graduates living in the Finish capital. The city is a start-up haven, so its residents are naturally educated. 

  9. Edinburgh – The beautiful city of Edinburgh is home to gaming studios like Rockstar Games, banks, and the Scottish government. It ties with Helsinki with a percentage of bachelor degree holders of 51.4%

  10. Stockholm – In the capital of Sweden, just over half of the population (51%) holds a bachelors degree. No wonder how Skype and Spotify came out of there. 
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