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LG’s 65-In. OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up Like Paper

Our TVs just keep getting bigger, sharper, and thinner every year. LED is the leading TV display technology today, especially now that plasma technology is dead. The only potential competitor for LED is OLED OLED is a new display technology that is just starting to hit the market. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs are much […]

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Cloned Monkeys in China Raise Fears of Human Cloning
Japan’s SS-520-5 Is the Smallest Rocket to Successfully Deliver a Satellite into Orbit
Mustard Seeds Power Flight from U.S. to Australia
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Animation Shows How the Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Release Tesla Roadster in Space

SpaceX’s highly anticipated Falcon Heavy Rocket is scheduled to finally be launched, however, many people are interested in the fact that a car will also be included in the payload. The Tesla Roadster, the company’s all-electric sports car, will eventually separate from the spacecraft where it will then coast through space at seven miles per […]

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Digital Government Software Platforms to Leverage Power of Social Networks
High-Performance Bearings Built to Withstand the Demanding Conditions of the Railroad Industry
SpaceX Rocket Falcon Heavy Lights 27 Engines Before Launch
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