Animation Shows How the Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Release Tesla Roadster in Space

By: | February 5th, 2018

Falcon Heavy Rocket

Credit: SpaceX Flickr

SpaceX’s highly anticipated Falcon Heavy Rocket is scheduled to finally be launched, however, many people are interested in the fact that a car will also be included in the payload.

The Tesla Roadster, the company’s all-electric sports car, will eventually separate from the spacecraft where it will then coast through space at seven miles per second.

The vehicle will be in a hyperbolic orbit on its way to — and eventually beyond — Mars, an idea which is tough to even imagine.

Luckily, a new SpaceX animation shows us exactly how they expect to pull the feat off and I have to say, it looks rather impressive.

The Falcon Heavy launch is expected to take place at 1:30 PM ET today.

Marshall Smith

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