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Getting a Handle on AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Today we are bombarded with terms that are often a bit obtuse. And there are closely related terms that seem to be synonyms or overlap related terms. How are the terms artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks related to each other and how are they different? This quick post should help you […]

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Jaguar E-PACE Rolls Into the Guinness Book of World Records with a Bond-Style Barrel Roll
Harnessing the Gulf Stream with Underwater Ocean Turbines
India is Second in the World to Master This Complex Nuclear Technology
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Humanitarian Architects Helping World’s 65 Million Displaced Refugees Build Homes

It is difficult to watch refugees, from whatever country or background, risk their lives to escape political persecution, wars, natural disasters, and more. But as is usually the case, it is the creative, imaginative, and energetic people who are the first to try to change things for the better. The first steps to making things […]

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Screen Printing Ultrathin Batteries on Solar Panels, Devices
Artificial Intelligence is Big Business
Golden Bananas Save Lives of Children in Africa
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