Artificial Intelligence is Big Business

By: | July 28th, 2017

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Charlie Rose Does AI

When Charlie Rose speaks, many people like to listen.

He recently provided a look into AI in a 60 Minutes report, “Artificial Intelligence Positioned to be a Game Changer,” and it’s worth a look. According to Rose, US corporations are spending billions of dollars and hiring the best researchers and scientists to bring artificial intelligence to every US industry and the military.

AI in the Investment World

You can be sure that if a field is hot, there will be a lot of investment vehicles to get on board with your investment portfolio. provides a list of the top 15 ETFs related to AI.

Top Experts on AI

A great resource for AI related articles is The Conversation, which has a bevy of researchers and industry experts who write about all aspects of AI including its future, the fears some people have, how it will affect the Internet of Things, science fictional aspects of AI, futuristic events, and more.

The Rational Wiki on Artificial Intelligence

The RationalWiki seeks to analyze and refute pseudoscience as well as the anti-science movement. It documents¬† “crank ideas” and explores authoritarianism and fundamentalism and weighs in on how the media is doing.

Mind-Reading Technology

The US military is working on technology that will help read people’s minds. Mark Zuckerberg, in the following video, explains why Facebook would like to read your mind as well.

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