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NASA is Funding Two New Research Institutes to Help Humanity Colonize Elsewhere in the Solar System

As per scientists like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, it is the right time to start searching for a new home in the universe. Stephen Hawking says we humans have only 1000 years on earth before we are wiped out. Considering this, NASA has decided to set up and support two Space Technology Research Institutes […]

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Golden Amber Comes With Environmental Ugliness In Ukraine’s ‘Klondike’
Disney Researchers Make Wireless Power Transfer a Reality
Technological Advances Helping Bring Self-Serve Beer to Bars
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The Path to Preventing Industrial Fires

When a tank at an oil or gas storage facility spills its contents, the next thing that might happen is a fire followed by a huge explosion. This type of event, known as a tank hazard, is the responsibility of a company’s industrial fire brigade if it exists. An industrial fire brigade meets the NFPA […]

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The Discipline of Mining Engineering in the 21st Century
NASA Has Discovered a Potentially Habitable ‘Sister Solar System’
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