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The World’s First Very Light Single Engine Personal Jet

Cirrus Aircraft has been manufacturing and selling personal jets since 1984. Cirrus offers the SR20 at $369,000 and the SR22 at $499,000. Cirrus’ newest model, the seven-seater Vision Jet, is now available after more than a decade in development. Cirrus’ offering is part of the “Very Light Jet Market” which is taking off. Cirrus sold […]

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Earth Table Features 50,000 Year-Old Floating Kauri Wood From New Zealand
2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize for Sustainability & Clean Energy Innovation
Snake Robots Helping Astronauts, Surgeons & First Responders
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New Smartphone Battery Extracts Power From Air

Smartphones are such a luxury that it is hard to be dissatisfied with anything about them. But truth be told, the worst part of the smartphone experience is the need to keep the battery charged. This involves a lot of plugging and unplugging, finding and losing cords and so forth. Smartphone batteries charge reasonably fast […]

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Scientists Invent the Strongest, Lightest Material on Earth, and It’s 10x Stronger Than Steel
ESA’s ExoMars 2020 Mission to Explore Mars for Signs of Life
Aerospace Composites with Carbon Nanotubes Perform Better
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