The World’s First Very Light Single Engine Personal Jet

By: | February 3rd, 2017

Cirrus Aircraft has been manufacturing and selling personal jets since 1984. Cirrus offers the SR20 at $369,000 and the SR22 at $499,000. Cirrus’ newest model, the seven-seater Vision Jet, is now available after more than a decade in development. Cirrus’ offering is part of the “Very Light Jet Market” which is taking off.

Cirrus sold their first Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet SF50, the world’s first single engine personal jet, in December 2016 after being certified by the FAA in October 2016. According to reports, Cirrus now has more than 600 orders with $100,000 deposits for its new SF50 Personal Jet. The company, which employs 800 people, introduced the SF50 at its new $12 million 68,000 square foot painting and finishing Factory Service Center, in Duluth, Minnesota.

Cirrus Vision Jet includes a Garmin G3000 cockpit known as the Cirrus Perspective Touch. Cirrus employees are building one Vision SF50 Jet weekly. The Vision Jet SF50 is priced at a base price of $400,000 up to $2.5 million with additional features.

Each Cirrus Aircraft comes with a full-aircraft parachute as standard equipment, and the Vision Jet is also equipped with a chute.

Following is a video introducing the Vision Jet SF50 in flight.

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