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World’s Megacities to Reach 42 by 2035

As Megacities Grow, Quality of Life Deteriorating Tomorrow’s megacities will make today’s large cities look like quaint backwaters by comparison. Actually, the most urgent urban planning taking place in the world today is in Asia, where seven of the ten largest cities in the world are located. Today’s definition of megacity is 10 million people […]

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World’s Cities Developing More Intelligent, Safer Transportation Systems
‘Common Ground’ Rube Goldberg Machine Spans 5 Different Cities Using Kinetic Installations
Shocking Photo of a Polar Bear Signals Tragedy Ahead in the Arctic
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Advanced Robotic Systems Increasingly Multi-Agent

Robotic systems are becoming more versatile as robot manufacturers can custom-design robotic systems for special applications and purposes. For example, swarm robotic systems are quite new but are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they can now carry out self-organizing collective activities and behavior. Each robot makes a decision at its “microscopic level,” but the true overall effect […]

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8 Ride and Car Sharing Alternatives to Uber and Lyft
SatRevolution 3D Prints Satellite Housing
Can Mechanics Keep Up With Car Technology?
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