SatRevolution 3D Prints Satellite Housing

By: | November 16th, 2016

SatRevolution 3D Printed Satellite Housing

SatRevolution 3D Printed Satellite Housing (Image Courtesy

A company from Poland, SatRevolution S.A., has created the country’s first commercial satellite that is designed to track changes in magnetic fields and earth’s gravity. The company has a track record of building private and commercial satellites, robots, and related space technology from design to manufacturing.

The new satellite, Swaiatowida, features a 3D printed housing that is considered highly durable and stable in flight and resistant to vibrations, extreme and highly variable temperatures from -302°F to 572°F (-150°C to 300°C), as well as cosmic radiation.

SatRevolution SA built the housing using an aluminum alloy and a 3D printer, and according to the Grzegorz Zwolinski, co-founder of the company:

“In order to obtain the desired properties by us, such as high durability while low weight and very high detail of cutting all the elements of the order of 0.2%, and the optimal shapes of individual parts, the entire structure was made using 3D printing technology . . . .The actual form of individual components will allow for accurate placement of modules within the satellite. As for the size of the case itself, it has a cuboid shape with dimensions of 10x10x20cm.”

The company’s founders have also created a leading mobile game development company in Poland T-Bull S.A. which allows users to drive ten extreme futuristic cars.The following video highlights this racing game.

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