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Amputee Gamer Has a Futuristic Limb That Includes a Phone Charger, Torch, and a Drone

James Young, a passionate gamer, met with a horrible accident on May 18, 2012, when he fell under a train. Although saved from death, he damaged his left arm, and his lower left leg was severed. Despite his injuries, James refused to give up, and gradually he adapted to use one hand only while playing […]

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$2.3 Billion Gotthard Base Railway Tunnel Opens as World’s Longest, Deepest
Alcohol Measuring Skyn Wristband Wins US competition
Waverly Labs’ Pilot Ear Buds Can Translate Languages for You in Real-Time
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This Solar Cell Set the Solar Energy World Record

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) just set a new world record by developing a new solar cell that can harvest a whopping 34.5% sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency. The solar cell efficiency achieved by the new solar cells is about 44% greater than the previous record of 24%, held by a US solar cell company. […]

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Maximize Your Living Space With These Wooden Flooring Lounge Chairs
Daniel Perdomo Brings 70s Game to Life With Playable Pong Machine
The World’s Largest Sponge is Massive at 11 Feet Long and 6 Feet Wide
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