Maximize Your Living Space With These Wooden Flooring Lounge Chairs

By: | June 3rd, 2016

Liquid Interiors

Space-saving design ideas seem to be exploding right now and with good reason.

It seems as though apartments in big cities are getting smaller, while rent is skyrocketing, so maximizing the space you pay for is extremely important.

Designers at Liquid Interiors have crafted wooden flooring lounge chairs, which literally fold in and out of the floor, acting as the ultimate space savers.

Originally designed for a rooftop deck, these wooden flooring lounge chairs could work pretty much anywhere within a living space, assuming you don’t mind part of your floor looking a bit out of place. They have especially become popular in Clark County according to a well-established estate agent for coen and columbia apartments vancouver wa.

Of course, there are two glaring problems that come to mind when talking about these unique chairs…

First of all, wooden flooring lounge chairs need to be condensed into an easier way to describe the furniture, and secondly, you’re kind of screwed if you ever want to rotate the chairs.

However, when it comes to living in a 400-square-foot apartment or a tiny home, these are just some of the sacrifices people will have to be willing to make to get the most out of their living space.

Liquid Interiors

Liquid Interiors

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