Waverly Labs’ Pilot Ear Buds Can Translate Languages for You in Real-Time

By: | June 4th, 2016

Image courtesy Waverly Labs

Those who love travelling and discovering different countries know it well that going to a foreign land with little to no knowledge of the host country’s language can make the things very difficult. Even asking simple things c become an uphill task.

If this language barrier can be broken, the whole world will come closer and it will be like a family.

Thanks to the New York City-based startup Waverly Labs, which is about to release world’s first language-translating earpiece, this fantasy might become a reality. Now, conversing with people with different languages will be a much easier affair. It’s just like Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

This earpiece is of the shape of a regular ear-bud, it’s wireless, and works even without internet connection and is dubbed as the Pilot.

Image courtesy Waverly Labs

Image courtesy Waverly Labs

More about Pilot: At present, Pilot translates English, French, Spanish, and Italian in real time. However, as per Waverly Labs, many more languages, including Arabic, Hindi, East Asian, and Slavic languages are on the way.

Now, if you want to converse with a person in any of these languages and you don’t understand that language, all you have to do is put the device in your ear and it’ll translate what that person is saying.

It is comprised of two earpieces which have to be worn by two people who want to converse. The first generation of Pilot works only when you’re speaking to someone who is wearing the ear bud. However, the company says future versions will be smart enough to translate from any spoken source around you.

The full retail price for this amazing device is expected to be between $249 and $299; however early bird specials will start at $129 on Indiegogo.

Nidhi Goyal

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