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Leave It to Russia to Develop the Best Doomsday Vehicle Imaginable

Of course, I run across a video of the coolest all-terrain doomsday vehicle I’ve ever seen and who made it? Some crazy-awesome adventurous folks over in Russia, duh. For less than $70,000 you can purchase the Sherp, which cuts through water and ice just about as easily as it traverses land. Weighing around 3,000 pounds […]

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Tesla Model 3 To Jump Start Electric Vehicle Charging
OK Go’s Latest Music Video Was Filmed on an S7 Airlines Zero-Gravity Plane
How Retailers Are Using Facial Recognition Software
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NASA’s HEIST is a Crazy Looking Rig Designed to Test New Electric Aircraft Technologies

We’ve written about HEIST from NASA before, which stands for the Hybrid Electric Integrated Systems Testbed, but the photo above represents a new image of the rig. Specifically designed to test new electric aircraft technologies like the weird looking wing with a bunch of propellers in the image below, the HEIST is important when it […]

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Ketamine: A Miraculous Drug to Treat Severe Depression
Personal Fabrication with 3D & 4D Printing
First of 7,500 LinkNYC 5 Gigabit Hotspots Installed
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