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DARPA’s MAR Lander Is a Helicopter Drone With Flexible Legs For Landing

DARPA is looking to change conventional thinking on how helicopter drones should land, specifically when it comes to their MAR Lander, an aircraft that features flexible legs. Why the flexible legs? Simple. The legs allow the chopper to land in all types of weather, even on choppy water because the legs can adjust to the […]

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Transparent Solar-Powered Battery Looks Like One of Tony Stark’s Gadgets
3D Printing Medical Devices Market to Reach $2.13 Billion by 2020
This Cost-Effective Egyptian Desalinization Technology Filters Seawater in Minutes
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Photonic Lasers Deflect Asteroids by Creating Rocket Engine Effect

Converting Laser Energy to Force IndustryTap reported on Photonics Laser Technology Advancing at Light Speed earlier this year as a huge new field that will likely affect nearly every industry. Now, researchers are considering using lasers to deflect asteroids. A program at UC Santa Barbara called Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and Exploration (DE-STAR) […]

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Xerox’s New Printable Electronic Labels Have Encrypted Memory Built In
Infographic: Big Data Comes to the Farm in More Ways Than One
Watch Astronaut Aboard ISS Drive Rover on Earth, Perform Complex Task
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