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GloveOne ‘Smart Gloves’ to Revolutionize Virtual Reality… Feel Virtual Objects, Even Their Size and Weight!

A Spain-based tech company has developed prototype “smart gloves,” called GloveOne, which enable the user to touch virtual objects and feel their size and weight. Reportedly, the gloves will allow you to feel rain and fire and even something as light as butterfly wings. Pretty crazy, right? “GloveOne enables users to feel and touch any […]

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Watch a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Takeoff and Fly Perpendicular to the Ground!
Powder Coating Vs. Wet Paint: Making Powder Coating a Standard on US Industrial Caster Products
Land Rover Developing Pothole Technology Featuring a Series of Sensors to Reduce Vehicle Damage
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Indestructible Hockey Puck Unfazed by Red Hot Nickel Ball and Liquid Nitrogen Tests!

With the Stanley Cup Finals going on, I guess it seemed like a good time for videos of an indestructible hockey puck to go viral. In the first test, the puck coolly withstands a red hot nickel ball sitting on its surface… Pretty crazy! But how did it fare against the low temperatures of liquid nitrogen […]

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Geologists: Oregon’s Lost Lake Disappears Every Year Down a Lava Tube
Tiny LINDO Smart Electric Tuk Tuk is Designed for the Mean Streets of Central Melbourne
Does Your Child Want a Monster Truck? You Can Spoil Your Kid for Only $125,000!
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