Indestructible Hockey Puck Unfazed by Red Hot Nickel Ball and Liquid Nitrogen Tests!

By: | June 12th, 2015

With the Stanley Cup Finals going on, I guess it seemed like a good time for videos of an indestructible hockey puck to go viral.

In the first test, the puck coolly withstands a red hot nickel ball sitting on its surface… Pretty crazy!

But how did it fare against the low temperatures of liquid nitrogen you ask?

Once again, the indestructible hockey puck survives extreme temperatures.

Here is how the puck seamlessly handled the extreme heat and extreme cold, according to Science Alert:

What’s really cool about vulcanised rubber is that when it’s under a lot of pressure or exposed to high temperatures – like those from, say, a red-hot nickel ball – the sulphur atoms form links between the long chains of rubber molecules. This makes the rubber less sticky and also increases its strength and durability.

Marshall Smith

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