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World’s Most Futuristic Cruise Ship Will Offer On-board Skydiving, Robot Bartenders, & a 300 Foot High Observation Pod

Royal Caribbean cruises are synonymous with luxury. But when Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas officially sets the sail for the first time this year, guests will have an opportunity to enjoy a number of first-at-sea on-board experiences. Along with a hassle-free experience for the guest, the ship will provide spectacular views and thrilling shows in […]

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MULTI Elevator System: German Tech Company ThyssenKrupp Invents Elevator That Operates Without Cables
Unmanned Agricultural Robocopter Market to Reach $16.3 Billion by 2020
Trident Iceni, World’s Fastest & Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Sports Car
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Thermoelectric Power Generation Reduces Jet Engine Noise, Powers Mars Curiosity & More

Last year Team AVAS from SRM University, India, entered Airbus’s UNESCO “Fly Your Ideas” competition and proposed an idea for reducing jet engine noise by modifying jet exhaust shape using shape-memory alloys energized by electricity created from thermoelectric materials inside the engine. Thermoelectric power generation (TEG) uses a solid-state device and converts heat, optimally 250°F […]

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McLaren Not Interested In Honda Supercar Engines… Executive Says “We Are An Independent Company.”
US Army’s Top Secret Nuclear City, Camp Century, Hidden Under Greenland’s Glaciers
Siemens Backs World’s C40 Cities In Climate Change Battle
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