Siemens Backs World’s C40 Cities In Climate Change Battle

By: | December 4th, 2014

C40 Cities & Climate Change

C40 Cities & Climate Change in Cities (Image Courtesy

C40 Cities: The Global Climate Leadership Group

Siemens is well aware of the increasingly central role major cities will play in humanity’s future. With the majority of humanity expected to live in big cities over the next several decades Siemens is gearing up to help cities and their leaders deal with the challenges they’ll be facing.

Siemens is working with the C40 Cities program to create a communication network needed to make sure cities learn from each other so they more quickly institute strategies working in other parts of the world. C40 Cities is focused on transferring climate change solutions from city to city.

Changing How Cities Work

According to Siemens, changing cities for the better will involve the integration of the latest and most advanced technology and software into their decision-making structures.

The following infographic shows results from this year’s City Climate Leadership Awards, 2014. The top winners were:

  • Amsterdam (Finance & Economic Development)
  • Barcelona (Intelligent City Infrastructure)
  • Buenos Aires (Solid Waste Management)
  • London (Carbon Measurement & Planning and Air Quality)
  • Melbourne (Adaptation & Resilience)
  • New York City (Energy Efficient Built Environment)
  • Portland (Sustainable Communities)
  • Seoul (Green Energy)
  • Shenzhen (Urban Transportation)
  • Taipei (Citizen’s Choice)
Climate Change CCLA-2014-Winners

Climate Change CCLA-2014-Winners (Image Courtesy

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