MULTI Elevator System: German Tech Company ThyssenKrupp Invents Elevator That Operates Without Cables

By: | December 5th, 2014

German tech company ThyssenKrupp has invented self-propelled elevators capable of traveling both horizontally and vertically along skyscrapers.

The MULTI Elevator System uses linear motor technology comparable to magnetic levitation train technology in order to allow the elevator to operate without cables.

ThyssenKrupp executive Andreas Schierenbeck said in a statement, “As the nature of building constructions evolve, it is also necessary to adapt elevator systems to better suit the requirements of buildings and high volumes of passengers.”

How the Multi Elevator System Works:

To allow for vertical motion, MULTI uses one motor to drive horizontal movement. Multiple cabins travel in a loop at about 11 mph, allowing passengers to access an elevator cabin approximately every 15 to 30 seconds.

The first MULTI unit is slated for testing in 2016 and expects to reduce time wastage, elevator footprint by 50 percent and increase a building’s available space by 25 percent.

Marshall Smith

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