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This Violinist Played Through His Brain Surgery As Doctors Inserted Electrodes To Stop Tremors!

This is truly something you don’t see every day… Concert violinist Roger Frisch recently underwent brain surgery to stop a tremor, a process that generally consists of keeping a patient awake and inserting electrodes into the brain until the trembling ceases. In Frisch’s unique case as a violinist, it was intricate all tremors be eradicated […]

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Kuka Aerospace To Open 29,000 Square Foot Facility Next To Boeing In Everett
Beer Can House Takes the Words “Home Brew” to a New Level
Mobile Exoskeleton, The Chairless Chair, Is Starting a “Chairolution” For Production Workers
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These Dudes Made a Boat Out of Plastic Bottles… Now They Are Sailing Over 500 Miles!

Jan Kara, 22, a student, and mechanic Jakub Bures, 21, like many of us, are tired of seeing pollution all around the world. In their Czech town of Nymburk, the duo decided to make a boat out of the plastic bottles that continuously wind up floating aimlessly in the world’s oceans. What started as a […]

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Vibrating Gloves Teach Braille in Minutes
Scientists Develop Self-Cooling Solar Panels That Produce More Power
Eurobot Rover Driven On Earth By Astronaut 250 Miles Above It, On The International Space Station!
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