Mobile Exoskeleton, The Chairless Chair, Is Starting a “Chairolution” For Production Workers

By: | August 20th, 2014

A new exoskeleton called the “Chairless Chair” from Zurich-based startup company Noonee is looking to revolutionize the chair, specifically for production line workers who are forced to stand for long periods of time.

Noonee is calling their invention a “chairolution”, and one can see why, because the company literally invented a way to sit down without having a physical chair.

The exoskeleton is made out of aluminum and carbon fiber and works by locking into place when strapped to a person’s waist and thighs.

The Chairless Chair weighs merely two kilograms, making it easy to walk or even run with the device when not using it to sit down.

While the chair was originally designed for easing the fatigue of production workers, the device is being looked at for use in other jobs as well where a mobile exoskeleton would be a major luxury.

Audi and BMW are expected to run a series of trials using the Chairless Chair before the end of this year.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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