This Violinist Played Through His Brain Surgery As Doctors Inserted Electrodes To Stop Tremors!

By: | August 18th, 2014

This is truly something you don’t see every day…

Concert violinist Roger Frisch recently underwent brain surgery to stop a tremor, a process that generally consists of keeping a patient awake and inserting electrodes into the brain until the trembling ceases.

In Frisch’s unique case as a violinist, it was intricate all tremors be eradicated so he could continue on with his career post-surgery, prompting the development of a special violin by the Mayo Clinic for Frisch to play during brain surgery.

By placing an accelerometer at the tip of the bow of the violin capable of measuring Frisch’s trembling, doctors were able to precisely place their electrodes and alter them to eliminate tremors as Frisch played through the surgery.

Incredibly, the surgery was a success and Frisch can literally turn off his tremors whenever he needs to play through utilizing a battery that shoots a current into his brain!

Marshall Smith

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