These Dudes Made a Boat Out of Plastic Bottles… Now They Are Sailing Over 500 Miles!

By: | August 19th, 2014

Jan Kara, 22, a student, and mechanic Jakub Bures, 21, like many of us, are tired of seeing pollution all around the world.

In their Czech town of Nymburk, the duo decided to make a boat out of the plastic bottles that continuously wind up floating aimlessly in the world’s oceans.

What started as a small project in a shed, soon turned into an idea to sail over 500 miles in the boat once they were done building it.

Essentially, the guys filled each bottle with dry ice for added buoyancy before sealing them and adding the 50,000 bottles to a wooden frame.

From there, the concept took on a paddle-boat like feel through utilizing bike parts, a steel propeller, and rudder for the navigation.

The main goal of the journey is to sail own the river Elbe from their town of Nymburk to Hamburg, Germany in order to raise awareness for the world’s growing pollution problem, an adventure that is expected to take 1 to 2 months.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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