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Endless Green Power from Ocean Currents: Japan Tested a Giant Underwater Turbine

After the devastating nuclear meltdown at its Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011, Japan searched for new sources of green energy. Now, a heavy machinery maker in Japan called IHI Corp has successfully tested a giant deep ocean turbine that harnesses powerful ocean currents to generate limitless renewable energy. The giant turbine resembles an airplane with […]

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Woman Receives 3-D Printed Ear Transplant Made From Patient’s Own Cells
Israeli Firm Develops ‘See-Through Wall’ 3D Radar for Special Forces and Search & Rescue Teams
First Time in History – The Hypersonic Rocket Sled Traveling At Mach 5.8 Recovered For Reuse
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Hyundai Tanker Conducts the World’s First Transoceanic Voyage Using Its Autonomous Navigation Technology

Hyundai became the first to pilot a large autonomous ship across the ocean. Avikus, a subsidiary of HD Hyundai has completed autonomous navigation of the gas tanker Prism Courage across the ocean. Prism Courage is the 134,000-ton natural gas tanker that made an ocean passage of over 10,000 km (6,210 miles) under autonomous control. But […]

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Silent Ventus is an All-Electric Drone and is Silent
Scientists Create Optical Brain-Like Chip That Processes 2 Billion Images Per Second!
Toyota Unveils New Hydrogen Cartridge To Make Hydrogen Portable And Fueling Convenient
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