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SoftBank Will Use 5G Antennas to Charge Wearables in Japan

SoftBank, the Tokyo-based telecommunications giant, is planning to test a new technology that may change how people live and work in urban environments. The firm has announced an upcoming test of a charging system that will be incorporated inside 5G base station antennas. This will send out minuscule amounts of electrical energy onto devices like […]

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How Ford’s New Predictive Headlight Technology Will Work
UK’s New Policy Says All New Buildings Must Have Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers
Chile to Export Solar Energy to China via a 15,000Km Submarine Cable
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Rolls-Royce’s All-Electric Airplane Sets Three New Speed Records

Advances in electric motors and battery technology have triggered an explosion in the field of electric airplanes. Battery-powered electric aircraft could be the future of aviation. A raft of companies is making green aircraft. EasyJet with Wright Electric, Boeing with Zunum, and Airbus with Siemens are all in the race to create electric aircraft to go green. Now, the aero-engine manufacturer […]

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Rolls-Royce Plans to Develop Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
Hate Needles? This Incredible Robot Delivers Vaccines without Needles
Can Electric Cars Fully Solve The Nightmare of Global Warming?
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