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Rolls-Royce Starts Building The World’s Largest Aero Engine

The British engineering giant, Rolls-Royce has announced that it has begun constructing the world’s largest aircraft engine- ‘UltraFan.’ After successfully developing the ‘Trent’ engine family, the company has made a start on the demonstrator for its new ‘UltraFan. They claim that it will “help redefine sustainable air travel for decades to come”. A step forward […]

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Tokyo Will be Home to the First Battery-Powered Tanker
New Treatment Could Make Re-Growing Teeth Possible
Innovative Mission To Clean Up Space Debris Is Set For Launch
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Autonomous Robot For Cleaning Underwater Nuclear Waste

As robots are growing more and more intelligent, they’re emerging not just as powerful tools, but as close companions. Nowadays autonomous robots function something from soldiers to fruit pickers. During the pandemic, these robots also help us to fight with COVID- 19 viruses. Now, there is a new autonomous robot that could help us save many lives. […]

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ABIBOO Unveiled the Plans for The First Sustainable City on Mars
Radio Waves to Power Wearable Devices
Hyundai Motor Group Does it Again: Two More New Robots
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