Hyundai Motor Group Does it Again: Two More New Robots

By: | March 30th, 2021

Image by Milan Mottl from Pixabay

Hyundai Motors Group (HMG) seems to have bottomless ideas of what robots can do. The company keeps on unveiling new robots with each passing week. The company also acquired Boston Dynamics, raising the robot market’s expectations.

The DAL-e

The HMG has developed a new robot and dubbed it the Advanced Humanoid Robot. The robot seeks to pioneer the automated customer services’ future. It features state-of-art facial recognition in the form of Artificial Intelligence. The robot also features an automatic communication system that relies on a language-comprehension capability.

However, the development of DAL-e is not novel. So, it does not bring anything new in the world of robots, but it can improve the efficiency and convenience derived from other similar robots.

The TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot)

TIGER seems more interesting than DAL-e. Notably, adding wheels to a robot makes it faster and more efficient. The exercise denotes adding a certain complexity to a multi-modal system to come up with a robot that can do a unique task.

For this reason, HMG developed TIGER to provide remote delivery services. Tiger has both wheels and legs. Thus, it can drive or climb to its destination. However, a question arises as to why TIGER takes the same responsibilities as a drone. For remote deliveries, drones make a drop with a lot of ease.

Will drones make TIGER obsolete? Only time will tell.


Regardless of their part resemblance with other robots, the two HMG robots stand out from the rest. If the company follows the same trend, it will manage unique commercial robots that will carve its market niche. However, all we can do is wait for the market reaction towards the two robots.

Notably, Boston Dynamics was the brain behind the two robots. So, their idea existed long before the merger of the two companies. However, the merger raises some expectations, and all we can do is wait and see where the two companies will unveil next.

Watch the video below if you’re curious about the TIGER X-1 from Hyundai.


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