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Caltech Is Using Underwater Fibre-Optic Cable To Detect Earthquakes

Seismologists at Caltech are working with optics experts at Google for developing a way to track deadly tsunamis and earthquakes. For this, they are not using any special equipment, but existing underwater telecommunication cables.  Earthquakes and tsunamis are very devastating and frightening natural disasters. But at present, we have no way to reliably predict these […]

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US Army is building the most powerful laser weapon in the world That Vaporizes Targets
The Kuube Solar-Powered Smart Benches provides Charging Ports and WiFi Hotspots
Scientists Claim Fish Farming on the Moon Could Feed Astronauts
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Skin Patch Tracks Multiple Biochemicals And Blood Pressure

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have used flexible electronics to develop health monitors. They developed a soft and stretchy skin patch that can monitor cardiovascular signals and multiple biochemicals. It is the first wearable device that monitors these at the same time. This patch can be worn on the neck. It can […]

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A Huge Iceberg Bigger Than New York City Just Broke Off from An Antarctic Ice Shelf
Zero 2 Infinity Is Offering Trips to Space in Helium Balloons as a Cheaper Alternative to SpaceX
Aurrigo Testing Autonomous Luggage Dollies on Heathrow Airport
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