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Thousands of Drones Fill Skies in China for a Stunning Display

China’s largest city Shanghai replaces traditional firework display with thousands of synchronized drones to celebrate the New Year. About 2,000 drones, controlled by a central computer flew above the city creating shapes, text and even the figures. Equipped with multicolored lights, these synchronized drones assembled in midair. They created a spinning globe, a running man […]

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Scientists Create World’s Most Efficient Battery That Can Power A Smartphone For Five Days
Russia Claims New Intercontinental Hypersonic Weapon Is Operational
Why Scientists Are Against Farming Octopuses
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Australian Bushfires Are Generating Their Own Weather That Can Start More Fires

According to the Bureau of Meteorology in Victoria, the bushfires in Australia have become so massive and powerful that they are generating their own weather. The blazes are creating “pyrocumulonimbus” clouds, which according to NASA is “the fire-breathing dragon of clouds.” Extreme weather in Australia is generating thunderstorms that could cause more bushfires. Bureau tweeted, “Pyro-cumulonimbus clouds have […]

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European Space Agency to Launch a Bot to Clean Up Space Debris
JCB’s Fastrac Hits 218kph to Break Guinness World Record
New Energy Efficient Hybrid Device That Can Both Capture and Store Solar Energy
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