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Vegetables on Ice: Scientists Grow an Entire Salad in Antarctica

Antarctica’s terrain is made up of glaciers, ice shelves and icebergs. The majority of Antarctica is covered in a permanent ice cap almost three miles thick in some places. Antarctica has no trees or bushes at all — they can’t survive Antarctica’s brutal climate. The only plants that can survive the extreme cold are lichens, […]

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NASA’s Test Dummies Crash Planes for Safety Research
Plogging: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Exercise
Less Toxic Hair Dye Made from Wonder Material Graphene
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Amazon Key Delivery Service Expands Smart Locks to Place Packages Inside Your Door

Amazon Key, by its nature, can leave people a bit skeptical as the whole idea is to allow delivery people to drop off packages you’ve ordered inside your house. Smart locks make the entire service a bit less creepy. The locks must be approved by Amazon, and they work in tandem with Amazon’s Cloud Cam […]

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Hidden AI Sensors Could Stop Illegal Logging
Apple Reaches Its Goal of Becoming 100 Percent Powered by Renewable Energy Sources
Fonio, a Tiny African Grain, Is New Superfood
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