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World’s First Robot Chef Whips Up Your Favorite Meal For You

When we get home after an exhausting day at the office, most of the time we don’t feel like cooking a proper meal. Instead of cooking something healthy, most of us just fall down on the couch and order a pizza. Or maybe we opt for the quicker and easier option of ready-made meals that are usually unhealthy and […]

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Scientists Created Cheap and Nutritious Food From Thin Air to End World Hunger
Data and Information Management Systems are the New Oil
Revolutionary New Electrode Design Can Charge Batteries in Seconds
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100 Times Faster, 10 Times Cheaper: New 3D Printers Create Objects From Metal

Traditional 3D printers are great for mass customization but are still too slow and expensive. Now, a Massachusetts-based company called Desktop Metal (DM) is set to change the future of 3D printing with its 3D metal printing system, which is much faster, safer, and affordable. The company is creating two new 3D printers: the DM […]

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Trends in U.S. and Global Manufacturing
New Laser Technologies Hitting the Mainstream
The First 3D-Printed Opera Set
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