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Hydroelectric Dam Building Is a Very Complicated Business

80 Million People Displaced by Hydroelectric Dams According to International Rivers, large dams are 50 feet (15m) tall or taller which is taller than a four-story building. There are currently more than 57,000 large dams around the world and 300 “major dams” which are at least 492 feet (150m) tall. China has the most dams […]

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Engineering Education in the Globalized 21st Century
Shale Oil Reducing US Oil Imports by $75 Billion Per Year
Thin-Film Solar Cells Cheaper & 100 Times Thinner
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Auto Brake Pad & Tire Microparticles Impair Cardiovascular Health in Large Cities

Air Pollution Problems in Beijing, Los Angeles, New York & Atlanta When one thinks of air pollution, it’s typically thought of as a fossil fuel emissions problem. However, a recent study shows that microparticles from automobile brake pads and tires float in the air in cities around the world, negatively affecting the respiratory health of […]

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36 Countries Pursuing Geothermal Exploration
igus Celebrates National Robotics Week by Continuing More Than a Decade of Student Support
Best Practices in Biomass Processing Lead to More Effective Use
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