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HP Has Unveiled a Supercomputer That is 8,000 Times Faster Than Existing PCs

Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise recently unveiled a new supercomputer which is up to 8,000 times faster than existing PCs. HP had been working on the computer since 2014, and have finally unveiled its working prototype. Dubbed ‘the Machine,’ this computer system will no longer be dependent on traditional processors. Instead, it will rely on memory to […]

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Obama Invokes 1953 Law to Permanently Block Oil Drilling in Arctic and Atlantic Waters
4-Meter-Tall, 1.5 Ton South Korean Bipedal Robot Walks For The First Time
This Man Built an Aquarium in His Living Room Large Enough for Scuba Diving
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New Surgery Can Give 20/20 Vision to Patients With Brain Injuries

Eyesight is one of life’s most precious and delicate gifts. As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, 2.5 million emergency room visits or deaths were associated with traumatic brain injury in the United States alone, which leads to severe damage to a patient’s vision, and even blindness in many cases. Researchers […]

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Australian Team has Discovered a Colorful Wonderland Beneath the Antarctic Ice
New Bioengineering Technology Transforming Medicine & Biology
New Laser Treatment Based on Ocean Bacteria Effectively Treats Prostate Cancer
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