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This Electric Bus Can Travel 350 Miles on Single Charge

In an effort to make public transportation a lot more environmentally friendly, many cities have begun switching over to hybrid vehicles or alternative fuels. American electric vehicle manufacturer, Proterra, has announced a new fleet of electric, zero-emission buses that can travel 350 miles (560 kilometers) on a single charge. The company’s latest design, the Catalyst […]

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Giant Meteorite Unearthed in Argentina is the Second Heaviest Ever Found
France and Germany Unveil the World’s First Zero-Emission Hydrogen Powered Train, the Coradia iLint
MIT Invented a Terahertz Camera That Will Let You Read Closed Books
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Zaha Hadid’s Antwerp Port House is a Unique Structure Right on the Water

After Zaha Hadid’s passing a few months ago, many were unsure regarding what would happen to her various unfinished projects, namely Hadid’s Antwerp port house. Initially designed back in 2009, the building was finally completed after $55.6 million was shelled out during construction, including a $2.3 million government subsidy. The Antwerp port house is the […]

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This New Type of Fabric Harvests Energy From Sunlight and Movement
Phosphate Mining Brings a ‘Mosaic’ of Destruction to Florida Including Sinkholes & Radioactive Waste
The World’s Largest Ship Elevator Can Hoist 6.7 Million Pounds of Boat and Water
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